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Time and Date


Date & time is only accessible via dot commands .date and .time in Spectrum Next.

I want to use the date & time in my program in ZX Basic, is there any solution?



Hello there is a NextZXOS API that can handle this

IDE_RTC ($01cc)
Query the real-time-clock module
IN: -
OUT(s): Fc=1
BC=date, in MS-DOS format
DE=time, in MS-DOS format
H=secs to 1-second precision (time in DE only provides 2-sec precision)
L=100ths of second (or $ff if not supported by RTC module)
OUT(f): Fc=0, real-time-clock module not present
Register status on return:
......../.. same
AFBCDEHL/IX different
This call returns the results provided by the RTC.SYS loadable module.

Its not yet been implemented into NextBuild so you will need to do this yourself, or wait until I implmented it as a function (which should happen very soon)



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Great news.

I'll wait for new version 🙂