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SNA or SNX are not running on my Next

HI, I am new to nextbuild and the forum. After looking at the other threads like this I still can't get any of the compiled sna or snx to work on my Gomados+ official next clone. It flashes the border red and then I have a blank screen. I tried layer2scroll, bullets and moving sprites and included the data folder when needed.

I hope someone can help, this looks like the system for me, after progressing nice in basic and wanting to move to the next step.




Hi Lee,

The data folder is a place to store the files while working in nextbuild, when they are transported to the next, the required files inside the data folder need to be in the same folder as the sna/snx


if the file /data/mypic.bmp is required on your sd you would put that file in the same folder as the SNA/SNX

I have NEX files building now which means any datafiles can be included as one file, should be out soon!


HI, renaming to snx and putting the spr files in the same folder fixed the problem and I can now run bullets demo