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Simple, not optimized Plot256 (x,y,color)

If someone is still looking for 256 color Plot here is a simple version:

SUB Plot256(x as ubyte, y as ubyte, color as ubyte)

push hl
push ix
LD b, (IX+7) ;Y  =d
LD c, (IX+5) ;X  =e
LD a,b
and 63
LD h,a
LD a,c
ld l,a
LD a, (IX+9) ;color
ld e,a
; bc = y/x
ld a,b
and 192
or 3
out (c),a
;(x + 256 * y)
ld a,e
ld (hl),a
pop ix
pop hl
end asm

end sub

sub Box(x as ubyte, y as ubyte, x1 as ubyte, y1 as ubyte, color as ubyte)

dim m as ubyte
FOR m=x to x1
Plot256(m,y, color)
Plot256(m,y1, color)
next m
for m=y to y1
Plot256(x,m, color)
Plot256(x1,m, color)
next m

end sub

A video example (BOX subroutine is used) :

An another example:

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Very nice! The New version has PlotL2(x,y,colour) and PointL2(x.y) for layer 2 🙂

They are very fast, as the sub is a fastcall which means we don need to use the slow IX+ and stacking.





Thanks! Cant wait for more news!