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Pre and Post processing abilities.

Hi guys,

I've been using a post compiler processor to carry out specific task after compilation has been done with zxb. This is triggered via a header in the basic program that is ignored and treated as a comment by ZXB.

The PC (post-compiler) is triggered via a '!

A quick example

'!v                                {verbose post compiler output}
'!bin "h:\test\test.bin"               {after compilation copies the bin output to ht:\test\test.bin}
'!bin "h:\test\test.bin" -a          {as above but makes and autoexec.bas in h:\nextzxos\ to launch}
'!sna "h:\mytest.snx"                 {copies the created .sna to h:\mytest.snx}
'!sna "h:\mytest.snx"  -a           {as above but makes and autoexec.bas in h:\nextzxos\ to launch}
'!noemu                                        {dont launch CSpect}

I'm also handling the error messages, which helps BorIDE highlight the correct error line. My thoughts are that I could do a wrapper that would be capable of doing pre and pro compilation processing. Eg. Do stuff before we compile, compile, do stuff after.

Let me know your thoughts on this




From reading the forum, I think you might have a reasonable percentage of NextBuild users using VS code rather than boride.

Personally I would rather the project focussed on improving the capabilities of the library above all else, specifically.

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