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playing music with IM2player and sprites. how does it work with banks.

Hi, I was looking at playing a pt3 file with im2player.bas, but when you load a file into the default memory range it overlaps into the sprite memory region. C000 > F000 Can someone help me understand how the mmu and banks work compared to basic when we just load to a bank and call from the bank, how does it work in this ? if I load the sprites into 2 higher banks do I have to switch to those banks before moving sprites ? will the music still be able to play the music from the lower bank ? the music is half in one region and half in another so would the music stop if I have the wrong bank selected.

I tried changing the music load and call address in im2player but it did not work.


Hey leejsmith,

The im2player will be going under a change as it was written quite a while back with regular zx paging in mind. For your question sprites only need to be uploaded once to sprite ram, once that has been done they are no longer required in memory. If you may mean times, the new nextlib handles tiles in a different way so hopefully this wont be as confusing going forward.



I eventually worked this out and my problem was the order I was loading things into memory. I have not tried tiles yet just sprites, layer offset, music and some palette changes while getting used to everything.