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I answered in a post and this is a copy/paste...

Good to see an update – there are many improvements but i have some compilation errors – in a few attached examples (including nextlib.bas causes that) and all my programms from previous version can’t be compiled. But i will try to narrow what’s the problem. Anyway thank you for the new version!


I'm a bit busy but i found a few not working demos:

DMAPlay - compile but it doesnt open any window.

NewIMExample - opens disassembler in CSpect

Eggterminator -  opens disassembler in CSpect

Reserve Bank - doesn't work at all - compilation error

(old) Chicken  - has a problem with compiling nextlib.bas

And another question... is there a way to create .nex file (with CSpect or other tool) which can be just copied to ZXSNext?

There is an example on discord on how to change David's scripts to output a simple .nex file.

The disassembler coming up is caused by the presence of break statements in the bas files. Take these out...

Some of the compilation errors are caused by changes to the sprite method. Try adding an additional parameter with a value of 0.


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Thank you for an explanation!