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LoadBMP bug?


I found some problem using LoadBMP function. It looks like a loaded image is distorted. You can see it on attached files.  The first one is a loaded by LoadBMP(name$): ShowLayer2(1) and the second is the original BMP file. Every 3rd part of the image is moved right by 1 pixel.

[EDIT] Pixels are moved at 64 and 128 line:


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  • loadbmp.jpg
  • loadbmp2.jpg

Hi thanks for the report!

Taking a look now.

Ok I've fixed it, you can fix it by editing the file in NextBuildv5\ZXBC\library\nextlib.bas

Around line 448, change the following :


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  • Screenshot_18.png
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Ah ok. I've thought about that change ;). Thank you !