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Is a semicolon (;) counted as a comment?


I am totally new to NextBuild.  I have it set up using visual studio code.  I also have the NextBuild extension installed so I get Syntax highlights and tool tips shown when I hover over key words.

I have everything working as I can create/compile and run code.

However I noticed that if I have a line something like

Everything after the semicolon is in green.  Same as if I had used the REM keyword

Is this normal?


I guess it just hard to pick out the keywords for anything after the (;)



Its because comments in assembler use ; while in ZXBasic its '

It can be fixed but needs some more advanced regex, maybe look for PRINT on the same line.



Ok I have fixed this, a ";" will still show as a comment as long as it is written "; " with a space after it.

In code where you dont want ; turning the line into a comment you wouldnt normally leave a space eg

PRINT AT 0,0;"HELLO"           ' no space so not a comment.


; This will be a comment           space after ; so is a comment.


Hi - This has been fixed in 1.0.9 - Check extensions and click NextBuild, it should ask to update and reload.