A follow up from the PETSCII post here – this now uses the tilemap, palette changing, NextZXOS Browser to load PRG/PSC files and can run a slide show.

Credit to the many artists that produce amazing PETSCII work demo’d here including:

PETSCII logo [LMan]
Marq: Whom Are You Going to Call?
Marq: Calaveritas
Dr. TerrorZ: PETSCII Tracing
Dr. TerrorZ: Electric Circus
Rexbeng: Undo
Manu: Rabbit on Acid Trip
Electric: SixShots
Electric: Coltrane
Redcrab: It Ain’t Pretty!
Redcrab: Datagubbe
Redcrab: Ernie
iLKke: Breakfast of Champions
C64 PETSCII by Mermaid.

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