Welcome to the official NextBuild! This will be the home for updates and progress, user comments and submissions. As mentioned on the homepage, this would not be possible without the following:

Boriel’s ZX Basic (ZXB) – A PC based language which resembles ZX Basic but allows
SUBs/FUNcs inline ASM and a bunch of other features and is SUPER fast. By Jose Rodriguez

See the official Boriel wiki here : and support forum

LCD’s BorIDE – An integrated editor designed for Boriel’s ZXB Daniel Chmielewski, you can find LCD’s homepage here :

CSpect – One of the premiere ZX Spectrum Next emulators By Mike Dailly full download is
located in \Emu\cspect\. You can find Mike’s blog here :

Thanks to the many wonderful people that have helped, such Michael Flash Ware for the Tile print code,
Jose for his support, Mike Dailly for code examples, Gary Lancaster for his inspiration in NextZXOS,

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