z88dk 3d cubes - z88dk - ZXBasic.ukFade to white - John Metcalf - ZXBasic.ukCrazy Kong City : Episode 1 - Gabriele Amore - ZXBasic.ukBubble Monkey Bros - Gabriele Amore - ZXBasic.ukHop N Frog - Gabriele Amore - ZXBasic.ukRobot 1 : Ship of Doom - Mat Recardo - ZXBasic.ukRouge Midget - Simon Avery - ZXBasic.ukThe BIG Javis Adventure 128K - Raul Carrillo aka Metsuke - 2017 - ZXBasic.ukMegaphoenix - Dinamic Software - 1991 - ZXBasic.ukOoze v1.5 - Andy Johns - ZXBasic.ukBouncing Bomb Redux - Phil Ruston - ZXBasic.ukEthnipod (AY Music) - Paul Angel - ZXBasic.ukHypnospiral - Matthew Logue - ZXBasic.ukGloop Troops 2 : The Lost Crown (AY Music) - Andrew Oakley, Simon Franco - ZXBasic.ukBubble Frenzy (AY Music version) - Gabriele Amore - ZXBasic.ukManic Mower 2016 1.1 - Brendan Alford - ZXBasic.uk128K Animation - Toni Baker, Uwe Geiken, Sigurður Bernharð Finnsson - ZXBasic.ukGloop Troops (AY Music version) - Andrew Oakley, Simon Franco - ZXBasic.ukJet-Power Jack - Robin Verhagen-Guest - ZXBasic.ukDouble Bubble - Miguetelo - ZXBasic.ukMontys Honey Run v1.5 (music) - Andy Johns - 2017 - ZXBasic.ukMonty Mole and the Temple of Lost Souls v1.2 - Andrew Johns - Bubblesoft 2017 - ZXBasic.ukFoggys Quest: To NARG and back again! - John Blythe - 2017 - ZXBasic.ukMonty Mole and the Temple of Lost Souls v1.2 - Andrew Johns - Bubblesoft 2017 - ZXBasic.ukTron Quantum - Matthew Logue - ZXBasic.ukLava - Natasha - ZXBasic.ukCastle Capers v2 - Gabriele Amore - 2017 - ZXBasic.ukRescue Lander - David Pagett - 2015 - ZXBasic.ukMontys Honey Run v1.5 - Andy Johns - 2017 - ZXBasic.ukAuf Wiedersehen Monty - Peter Harrop / Gremlin - ZXBasic.uk
IDUploadedHitsTitleDescriptionCategoryAuthor Download QAOPClick For Info
68 29-06-17 60 z88dk 3d cubesExample from z88dkBasic z88dk c3d.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
57 28-06-17 120 Fade to whiteBasic John Metcalf fadetowhite.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
56 22-06-17 97 Crazy Kong City : Episode 1music by "XEPOBOE KAKOE-TO INTRO - 2"Game Gabriele Amore CrazyKongCity-episode1_AY.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
55 22-06-17 79 Bubble Monkey Brosmusic by 97 AndrEw FER "1998 coMing"Game Gabriele Amore BubbleMonkeyBros_AY.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
54 22-06-17 182 Hop N Frogmusic by UNKNOWN AUTHOR: XEPOBUHA...Game Gabriele Amore HopNFrog_AY.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
53 21-06-17 156 Robot 1 : Ship of DoomRobot 1 has been left behind by the crew who have abandoned the ship which is on a collision course with the nearby sun!Game Mat Recardo robot-1-in-the-ship-of-doom. Launch ZXBasic Database
52 18-06-17 326 Rouge MidgetRouge Midget - Red Dwarf Text Adventure Game on the ZX Spectrum.Game Simon Avery rougemidget.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
51 12-04-17 682 The BIG Javis Adventure 128KHelp Javi in his BIG adventure - Rescue data that the very evil Vegatron and his pals has stolen! Original music by Matt Simmonds, remake by bfox.Game Raul Carrillo aka Metsuke - 2017 jba_speccy.zip Launch ZXBasic Database
50 01-04-17 373 MegaphoenixModern invaders clone.Pablo Ariza Molina, Marcos Jouron Berzosa, Ruben Rubio, Jose Antonio Martin TelloGame Dinamic Software - 1991 Megaphoenix.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
49 18-03-17 1402 Ooze v1.5Can you guide Ooze out of the underground lair to freedom? Game Andy Johns ooze_final128k-1.5.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
48 14-03-17 298 Bouncing Bomb ReduxBounce through 20 deadly levels to reach and destroy the experimental reactor core.Game Phil Ruston BB-Redux.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
47 27-02-17 399 Ethnipod (AY Music)2 Player shoot-em up, lovely graphics. Keys P1 : H,K,L,M,N. Music by i+dzhei grin+bit+group InJo0y! Game Paul Angel ETHNIPOD_Final.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
46 26-02-17 416 HypnospiralBe carfeul not to get hypnotised....Demo/Music Matthew Logue animation 6.z80 Launch ZXBasic Database
45 26-02-17 294 Gloop Troops 2 : The Lost Crown (AY Music)15 colourful levels, can you get all the stars and save the Princess? With added AY Music by AvatarGame Andrew Oakley, Simon Franco Gloop2_M.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
44 26-02-17 470 Bubble Frenzy (AY Music version) Make the mutant bubbles hit the spikes! With added AY music by ARNO of OMEGA GrGame Gabriele Amore BubFren_M_FIXED2.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
43 26-02-17 407 Manic Mower 2016 1.1Mow those lawns before all hell breaks loose!Game Brendan Alford manicmower.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
42 26-02-17 727 128K AnimationPaging routine Toni Baker, rotate routine by Uwe Geiken, Cube code by Sigurður Bernharð FinnssonBasic Toni Baker, Uwe Geiken, Sigurður Bernharð Finnsson Sigu.z80 Launch ZXBasic Database
41 23-02-17 558 Gloop Troops (AY Music version)Battle your way through 30 colourful levels in your quest to collect the lost stars and rescue the Princess!Game Andrew Oakley, Simon Franco GloopM.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
40 23-02-17 350 Jet-Power JackWIP game by Robin Verhagen-Guest, fantastic use of multicolour effects!Game Robin Verhagen-Guest jpowerj_v0.173.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
39 22-02-17 147 Double BubbleIts simple, you control a bubble and have to touch and guide the other bubble to the exit of each screen. Be careful with spikes enemies and time. You can increase you time picking up the clocks.Game Miguetelo DoubleBubble_for_musicV2.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
37 18-02-17 961 Montys Honey Run v1.5 (music)Monty's Honey Run by Andy Johns written with AGD now with music!Game Andy Johns - 2017 MontysHoneyRun_Final.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
36 18-02-17 885 Monty Mole and the Temple of Lost Souls v1.2Now with added music. Enjoy Fuxofts's Indiana Jones theme as you play!Game Andrew Johns - Bubblesoft 2017 Monty_TLS_Final.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
35 14-02-17 687 Foggys Quest: To NARG and back again!Foggy is just your common-o-garden tourist. The only difference is he takes his holidays in other dimensions - Find the Crystals Find the Splicer and Find the Ship Game John Blythe - 2017 FOGGYQ.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
34 11-02-17 938 Monty Mole and the Temple of Lost Souls v1.2Guide Monty in his quest to plunder the treasure and escape from the Temple of Lost Souls..Collect ancient artefacts and gemstones to open up hidden areas avoiding the traps and deadly inhabitants along the way.Game Andrew Johns - Bubblesoft 2017 MontyMole_TLS.zip Launch ZXBasic Database
33 11-02-17 721 Tron QuantumTron Quantum is a game based on the Movie Tron. To win you must cut off your opponents light cycle, be careful though, because if you collide, you lose a life. The more times you win a cycle game, the faster things get. Look out for Quantum effects!Game Matthew Logue TRONQ_ML2.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
22 03-02-17 238 LavaWritten for a ZXBasic competition by Natasha (zx.pk.ru forum) 2015Game Natasha Lava.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
20 29-01-17 850 Castle Capers v2Save the fairies from the evil mouse king! Excellent arcade action from Gabriele Amore.(updated to v2)Game Gabriele Amore - 2017 CastleCapersv2_M.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
19 20-01-17 445 Rescue LanderRescue Lander is an addictive lander style game. Game David Pagett - 2015 rescuelander2.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
11 20-01-17 809 Montys Honey Run v1.5Monty's Honey Run by Andy Johns written with AGDGame Andy Johns - 2017 MontysHoneyRun_Final.tap Launch ZXBasic Database
7 20-01-17 167 Auf Wiedersehen MontyClassic platform game featuring Monty MoleGame Peter Harrop / Gremlin auf_128.z80 Launch