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Bubble Frenzy (AY Music version) - Gabriele Amore - ZXBasic.ukManic Mower 2016 1.1 - Brendan Alford - ZXBasic.uk128K Animation - Toni Baker, Uwe Geiken, Sigurður Bernharð Finnsson - ZXBasic.ukGloop Troops (AY Music version) - Andrew Oakley, Simon Franco - ZXBasic.ukJet-Power Jack - Robin Verhagen-Guest -
IDUploadedHitsTitleDescriptionCategoryAuthor Download QAOPClick For Info
44 26-02-17 97 Bubble Frenzy (AY Music version)Make the mutant bubbles hit the spikes! With added AY music.GameGabriele Amore BubFren_M.tap Launch
43 26-02-17 121 Manic Mower 2016 1.1Mow those lawns before all hell breaks loose!GameBrendan Alford manicmower.tap Launch
42 26-02-17 382 128K AnimationPaging routine Toni Baker, rotate routine by Uwe Geiken, Cube code by Sigurður Bernharð FinnssonBasicToni Baker, Uwe Geiken, Sigurður Bernharð Finnsson Sigu.z80 Launch
41 23-02-17 278 Gloop Troops (AY Music version)Battle your way through 30 colourful levels in your quest to collect the lost stars and rescue the Princess!GameAndrew Oakley, Simon Franco GloopM.tap Launch
40 23-02-17 54 Jet-Power JackWIP game by Robin Verhagen-Guest, fantastic use of multicolour effects!GameRobin Verhagen-Guest jpowerj_v0.173.tap Launch
Jet-Power Jack