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Balik - basic demo for ZX Spectrum 128k - Gemba boys (busy mborik omega) - ZXBasic.ukMighty Final Fight - Alexander Udotov, Eugene Rogulin, Oleg Nikitin - ZXBasic.ukGenehtik - MontyDesign - ZXBasic.ukBluber- The Last Odyssey - MontyDesign - ZXBasic.ukAndroide - Pixelsoft -
IDUploadedHitsTitleDescriptionCategoryAuthor Download QAOPClick For Info
81 20-03-18 74 Balik - basic demo for ZX Spectrum 128kDemo written in 128k BasicDemo/MusicGemba boys (busy mborik omega) Balik.tap Launch
80 27-01-18 396 Mighty Final Fight Conversion of the NES classic for the ZX-Dev 2018 CompoGameAlexander Udotov, Eugene Rogulin, Oleg Nikitin MFF.tap Launch
79 02-01-18 343 GenehtikA platform game by MontyDesignGameMontyDesign genehtika.tap Launch
78 02-01-18 325 Bluber- The Last Odyssey A platform game by MontyDesignGameMontyDesign blubera.tap Launch
77 02-01-18 301 AndroideA platform game by PixelsoftGamePixelsoft androidea.tap Launch