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The BIG Javis Adventure 128K - Raul Carrillo aka Metsuke - 2017 - ZXBasic.ukMegaphoenix - Dinamic Software - 1991 - ZXBasic.ukOoze v1.5 - Andy Johns - ZXBasic.ukBouncing Bomb Redux - Phil Ruston - ZXBasic.ukEthnipod (AY Music) - Paul Angel -
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51 12-04-17 437 The BIG Javis Adventure 128KHelp Javi in his BIG adventure - Rescue data that the very evil Vegatron and his pals has stolen! Original music by Matt Simmonds, remake by bfox.GameRaul Carrillo aka Metsuke - 2017 bigADV-128Km-RELEASE3.tap Launch
50 01-04-17 236 MegaphoenixModern invaders clone.Pablo Ariza Molina, Marcos Jouron Berzosa, Ruben Rubio, Jose Antonio Martin TelloGameDinamic Software - 1991 Megaphoenix.tap Launch
49 18-03-17 1191 Ooze v1.5Can you guide Ooze out of the underground lair to freedom? GameAndy Johns ooze_final128k-1.5.tap Launch
48 14-03-17 201 Bouncing Bomb ReduxBounce through 20 deadly levels to reach and destroy the experimental reactor core.GamePhil Ruston BB-Redux.tap Launch
47 27-02-17 278 Ethnipod (AY Music)2 Player shoot-em up, lovely graphics. Keys P1 : H,K,L,M,N. Music by i+dzhei grin+bit+group InJo0y! GamePaul Angel ETHNIPOD_Final.tap Launch
Ethnipod (AY Music)