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Cardplay - Bill Hislop - ZXBasic.ukBrick Racer - Dave Clarke - ZXBasic.ukBasic Colour Scoller - David Saphier - ZXBasic.ukOmelettes For Breakfast - Gabriele Amore - ZXBasic.ukSorceress - Andy McDermott -
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73 10-10-17 36 CardplayCardplay is written in basic by Bill Hislop, 1985BasicBill Hislop CARDPLAY.sna Launch
72 29-08-17 151 Brick RacerA quick game by Dave Clarke, see what high score you can achieve! GameDave Clarke brickracer2017.tap Launch
71 24-08-17 202 Basic Colour ScollerBasicDavid Saphier colscrol.tap Launch
70 30-07-17 248 Omelettes For BreakfastIts dawn at the castle and you need to prepare some delicious omelettes for his majestys breakfast, using the eggs of some exotic bird...Beware of the envious kitchen robot and of the nasty kitchen assistants! QAOPM to play N-restart B-skip to next level. GameGabriele Amore omelettesforbreakfast.tap Launch
69 26-07-17 236 SorceressYour love has been kidnapped by a real bad guy! Can you rescue her by defeating the dungeon? GameAndy McDermott sorceress4.tap Launch